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Baram Gaseous Technology Corp., a Wyoming Company, has successfully developed a sequentially port injected gaseous dual fuel system for large on highway diesel engines. The company was officially formed in August, 2016 subsequent to 3 years of research and development and nearly 6 years of fleet testing. Issuance of patent #15/477,851 in 2017 established BARAM GASEOUS TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION as THE ONLY patented sequentially port injected precision fuel blending technology.

The unique dual fuel technology blends various gaseous fuels and diesel fuel in the engine combustion chamber utilizing a technology to uniquely and precisely control the fuel volume mix of each individual cylinder combustion event. Over fuel charge mix and under fuel charge mix conditions per cylinder are thus eliminated.

BGTC's "Precision Twin Fuel" (PTF) system

  • Is designed to maximize the substitution of diesel fuel in a HD diesel engine with a less expensive gaseous fuel. (Up to 65% to 85% of the energy required for dedicated diesel engines).
  • Allows for an extremely quick ROI in most over the road fleets of less than 24 months.
  • Can be transferred from like engines within less than 4 hours installation time.
  • Over 8 years of development and testing has resulted in a patented “precision” dual fuel system
  • BGTC reduces the use of diesel fuel by blending the energy content of different fuels to precisely follow the OEM fuel and power curves. NOT by constructing new fuel algorithms or using complicated add-on air/fuel, RPM, etc. sensor inputs .
  • BGTC technology uses and preserves your engine power parameters to determine the precise substitution of alternative fuels based upon the alternative fuel energy density.
  • Effectively substitutes a significantly less expensive fuel for the ever rising and constantly volatile priced on highway diesel fuel.
  • Federal, State and local Governments may offer various grants and rebate programs to assist in purchase and installation costs.
  • BGTC can support Fleets in negotiation of long term contracts offered by many gaseous fuel suppliers. Long term (3 to 5 year) contracts help stabilize fleet fuel costs and increase fleet profits.


There are a number of dual fuel aftermarket products that advertise technologies that allow the blending of gaseous fuels with intake air of a diesel engine. There are also major engine manufactures offering dedicated gaseous fueled engines that attempt to reach power equivalency to that of like displacement diesel engines and have achieved limited success for short a duration. However, none can demonstrate the accuracy and consistency of the original diesel engine power and torque outputs of the BGTC “Precision Twin Fuel System technology.

Consequently, although capable of achieving basic expectations in emissions or achieving some cost savings, reductions in power, increases in repairs and expensive upfront costs tend to negate any real savings. BGTC has, through its in-use testing, discovered that through the installation of a simple and inexpensive aftermarket exhaust catalyst, that is less than twelve inches in diameter, less than twelve inches long and weighs less than ten pounds, it is possible not only to reduce fleet fuel costs but to also reduce exhaust emissions significantly. This significant exhaust emission reduction can in effect eliminate the current diesel particulate filter and the diesel selective catalyst on newer diesel engine. The possibility of eliminating these two very significant maintenance items from the current diesel fueled on highway truck fleets could monumentally impact the profitability of a diesel fleet. Additionally, the elimination of the extremely hot diesel catalyst could have a positive impact on insurance rates by reduction of the fire hazard associated with the diesel catalyst. However, development is required and independent testing must be conducted to demonstrate to the Environmental Protection Agency that the BGTC Precision Twin Fuel system when utilized as a dedicated dual fuel system installed as an aftermarket dedicated fuel device can perform as anticipated.

The current product which has been in use since March 2013 has performed in fleet service flawlessly every day. The average substitution has consistently been above the 60% level in combined driving of interstate, local state highway and intercity. This product which is an engineering prototype, requires some refinement and up grading to be marketed in the USA. The product can be upgraded to learn the engine fuel curve of various manufacturer’s diesel engines. Further development of wiring connectors and wiring harnesses is required to allow for a virtual “plug and play” installation.

Funding is required to further develop and market the BGTC product(s).

BGTC is seeking Funding and licensing strategic partners. In the USA alone, the potential market is well over 5 million engines in on highway fleet trucks. When considering larger stationary, industrial, marine and off highway engine applications the market becomes significantly larger. The potential is significant, but like Rome it must be build brick by brick.

The Baram Gaseous Technology Corporation holds the only Patent 15/477,851 for sequential injection of a secondary fuel into a diesel engine in the USA. As mentioned the product has significant potential to impact the diesel engine powered vehicle market in the USA and the world.

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