About BGTC

BGTC was founded by James Stroup and Maury Schwegman on September 2016 and is a State of Wyoming Corporation.

The basis for the company was actually rooted in a 2008 partnership with a bi-fuel company located in South Korea. This bi-fuel supplier to Asia and South America manufactured natural gas bi-fuel after- market systems for GM dealers. Soon after signing a marketing agreement for the distribution of the GM bi-fuel systems for the USA, GM declared bankruptcy causing many GM vendors to also cease operations. Now holding a worthless agreement, Stroup and Schwegman looked to the Heavy Duty diesel engine market, both gentlemen having experience in this area. For the next two years extensive surveying was accomplished resulting in a set of standards that would eventually be incorporated into the BGTC dual fuel product.

Fleet equipment managers have specifications that fit very well with the type of fleet operations being conducted by their transportation company. A change of those specifications could have a devastating effect on the overall operation. Items such as horse power, engine acceleration rates, torque, transmission gear ratios and axle final drives, axle positions, suspension types, etc. are all matched toward a particular use. Any change to engine power, rpm, or torque will upset the balance of the finely tuned vehicle specified by the Fleet Equipment Manager. The two year survey conducted between 2008 and 2010 concluded that the dual fuel products available in the market did not directly address the engine power stabilization issue when substituting for the diesel fuel. Some companies even advertised increases in engine performance beyond those the OEM specified. BGTC was determined to address these engine issues so as not to disturb any of the specifications related to power, rpm, torque or engine fuel economy in miles per gallon.

Since the diesel engine, like all internal combustion engines is a heat engine, it became obvious that some type of cylinder fuel injection system was necessary to maintain the heat balance between all the cylinders. Additionally, it is obvious that if a single heat unit (BTU) of diesel is removed it must be replaced by an equal (BTU) heat unit. Thus the premise for the “Precision Twin Fuel” system. After several attempts over a period of five (5) years, BGTC designed a system that follows exactly the OEM’s fueling algorithm replacing a BTU of diesel fuel with a BTU of a gaseous fuel – the precision blending takes place inside the engine combustion chamber as the diesel engine designers intended. Both diesel fuel and the gaseous fuel are precisely measured and gaseous fuel is substituted based upon the diesel BTU fuel content.

In late 2012 the engineering prototype was installed on a vehicle in a prominent mid-west fleet. Results have indicated no power loss or gain over the past three 3 years of operation using compressed pipeline gas. The vehicle has averaged just over 62% diesel substitution since it was put into service.

Patent # 15/477,851:

Baram Gaseous Technology Corporation holds the only US Patent (including select foreign countries) for timed injection, (((correct term))))))) in the US. Due to the claims contained within our patent and the completed filing of this patent, number 15/477,851, all other timed injection systems can be deemed to infringe on the claims of this patent. Our research and development staff has years of credentials, certifications and degrees in the science of diesel fuel replacement without loss of power and or performance from original diesel engine expectations.

Numerous people claim to have the replacement of diesel fuel process patented, however, our system is actually the only one that can claim the patent rights to the use of this technology.

We have laboratory test results and actual operational test results to verify our process.

Our product has been in use for over 3 years with validated performance with no engine malfunctions and/or failures.

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