The BGTC concept of dual fuel conversion of Heavy Duty Diesel Engines is very unique. The founders of BGTC have extensive experience (over 90 years collectively) working with equipment fleet managers to find the right specification match for their fleet hauling applications. BGTC understands the concerns relating to vehicle speed and power. The BGTC engineers also understand the consequences of altering vehicle speed and engine power and the losses incurred through breakdown and subsequent repairs. This is the very reason that the development of the BGTC “Precision Twin Fuel”(PTF) system required nearly five years to develop and has been over three years in field testing.

See the BGTC history detailed in the "About BGTC" page.

Fleet equipment Managers are confronted with a myriad of marginally beneficial aftermarket gadgets that are purported to save on the fleet fuel bill. The return gained by the addition of these aftermarket systems is easily negated in some cases by the loss of load revenue due to additional weight added to the truck, ineffective cost to savings ratio or the added cost of maintenance.

The BGTC “Precision Twin Fuel” system can:

  • Immediately add to the bottom line with an ROI of twenty-four (24) months or less through diesel fuel usage reduction costs.
  • The PTF system diesel fuel reduction is capped at eighty (80%) percent maximum staying well within the failure safety limits of the diesel engine.
  • The 80% safety cap can result in up to fifty (50%) to seventy (70%) percent average diesel fuel reduction rates for over-the–road trailer load applications, and
  • up to fifty (50%) percent diesel fuel use reduction rates for LTL - local delivery/ intercity applications.

WARRANTY & Diesel Fuel Reduction Guarantee:

  • BGTC will formally Guarantee a diesel fuel use reduction rate average for your specific fleet upon review of your fleet’s applications. Contact BGTC for details.
  • Warranty coverage includes the PTF Underhood system for up to five 5 years from the initial installation date against defects in workmanship .
  • Extended engine warranty may also be available through BGTC at additional cost.


  • Weight of the installed under hood system, less gaseous fuel storage tanks, is approximately thirty (30) pounds including the exhaust catalyst if required.
  • Installation on the engine is non-invasive, requires no special tools, requires less than eight (8) man-hours.
  • No parts inventory required
  • Can be installed in fleet repair shop. Comes with full install instructions, No special skill required
  • PTF system has self-diagnosis capability
  • Reverts to Diesel only if engine fault or PTF fault is sensed or secondary fuel pressure is low
  • The PTF system can be used with a variety of secondary fuels.
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